Adam Pike

Adam Pike


Adam Pike is no stranger to hard work, he never turns down a challenge. Growing up Adam always had a drive to be the best in every possible aspect. Now he lives, breathes, sleeps fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He puts feeling good and looking good a top priority in his life!

Adam has taken his life goals with fitness to the next step by creating his own personal fitness brand called Adam Pike Fitness. He’s helped 100s of people reach their fitness goal and takes pride in what he does. He also launched out his own line of fitness resistance bands!

One of Adam’s biggest life achievement was living his dream of playing Big Brother Canada. On the show he excelled immediately by creating one or the best alliances in Big Brother Canada’s history of the franchise called “The Pretty Boys”.
He went on to win 3 head of household competitions, 4 veto competitions, and discovered the secret power called “The Secret Assassin”. His alliance of 4 made it to top 5 before getting split up and Adam got voted out 4th place of Season 7.

NicknameThe Marine

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Shows #Big Brother Canada (2019)