Jack Atkins

Jack Atkins


I’m a 21-year-old Economics student at The University of Chicago! People may know me from season 2 of Netflix’s “The Circle” where I catfished as a college girl named Emily and reached the finals. Aside from that, I love going out with friends, playing/watching sports, and playing poker! I’m super thrilled to be involved with this event for a multitude of reasons. With regards to the fight, it’s a great reason for my lazy self to get out of the house and get into shape in a super challenging and competitive way. Additionally, I’m super excited to interact with all the other reality stars – I’ve honestly been a huge reality competition fan for the longest time so it’ll be amazing to meet people I’ve seen on TV for years in such a unique and fun environment.

NicknameDaddy Long Legs

Record0 - 0

Height6' 5"