Madeline “Baddie Maddie” Di Nunzio

Madeline “Baddie Maddie” Di Nunzio


Hi I’m Madeline DiNunzio! You may remember me from Big Brother Canada Season 8, which unfortunately was cancelled due to Covid-19. I am excited to have this opportunity to compete, entertain, and be back on your screens!

I am a sixth grade teacher living in Toronto, Ontario. Every day I encourage my students to always put 100% in everything they do, and to always strive to be the best version of themselves; which is exactly how I live my day to day life. Growing up I challenged myself  and dedicated years of training in competitive tennis. My hard work payed off when it led me to achieving a tennis scholarship with the NCAA where I competed in North Carolina. I know the time, dedication and heart it takes to become a champion, and training to box is no different. Many people consider me to be the underdog in this fight, and I can’t wait to make them eat their words. Losing is not an option.

NicknameBaddie Maddie

representingTeam BB Canada






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Veto Wins1

Reality T.V. Placing12

Season #8