Nick “The Landlord” Maccarone

Nick “The Landlord” Maccarone


Age 28, from Sewell NJ. I am currently a Mental Health Therapist for Children and Teens. During the week, I am locked in with my my work and am very passionate, caring, and empathetic. On the weekends, I’m able to let loose, relax, and enjoy nights out in Philly (pre-quarantine of course). Sports are my number 1 love, they make me extremely happy, whether it be watching or playing them. I also have increased my video gaming significantly since quarantine happened, but it’s a good way to interact with your friends in a socially distanced manner. I am really big on family, I love to be around them as much as possible, and I am blessed to have the relationship I do with them. I definitely have an outgoing and impulsive side, which makes me unique and you never know what I am going to say, but I have been more self-aware since BB of myself in order to grow into a better person.

NicknameThe Landlord

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