Veronica “Vivacious V” Doherty

Veronica “Vivacious V” Doherty


My name is Veronica Doherty. My friends call me Vee, or Ronnie. I was on Big Brother Canada Season 6. I went to Carleton University and graduated in Child Studies. I am known as a fun, loving, energetic, positive, free-spirit. I can make anything fun, and I’m always down for a party! Any excuse to celebrate! It’s not about the drinking or drugs for me, it’s about the people and it’s about the music. Music is my life, and it’s what helps me push through on hard days. I love EDM, Music Festivals, and travelling in general. I’ve attended some of the BIGGEST Music Festivals around the world including EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland which is in Europe! My favourite thing to do is dance. I took up “shuffling” a few years ago and have used the last year of lockdown’s to practice and perfect the craft. Without having clubs or shows as an option, I find myself going for drive’s just to blast some tunes and get lost in the music. I have been an athlete my whole life, playing all sorts of sports including Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling etc.. until I was introduced to my favourite sport in grade 12, Rugby! I am the Fullback for a competitive club called the Ottawa Beavers and Banshees, and I’ve been with them for about 5 years! I am most known for my “BIG HITS”. I am the only girl in the family, with 3 brothers. So getting a little rough or dirty has never really phased me. I used to play tackle football in the field as kids with my brothers and his friends, who were all 4 years older than me. And let’s just say they didn’t take it easy on me! I wouldn’t consider myself a full blown Tom Boy but on most days you can catch me in sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on! I’ve never really cared too much about my appearance however for Music Festivals or special events I GO INNN. I love to get glam! The more colours and sparkles the better! I would consider myself unique and I am a huge advocate on being yourself and embracing your individuality. Weirder the better! I love putting on a “show” and I don’t mind being in the spotlight. I think it’s because I have always loved to entertain. Whether that be singing, acting, dancing, telling a joke… I love to make people laugh and smile. I love human beings, I think they’re incredible.

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